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Root Cap

All roots have a cap of slimy cells at their tip. These cells protect the [...]

Tree Fluids

Sap is a fluid that is found in plants. By making a hole in the [...]


Incredibly, soil has been created to contain all of the nutrients needed by plants.

Seeds #3

Every living thing is created with seeds that have the potential to make the next [...]

Seed Dispersal

You’re probably familiar with the winged seeds of a maple tree. Some people call them [...]

Seeds #2

Did you ever notice how slippery some seeds are, like the seeds of a squash [...]


Have you ever tried to crack a cherry or peach pit? Hashem created a casing [...]

Roots #2

There are two main types of roots: fibrous roots and taproots. Fibrous roots have many [...]


Roots anchor plants in place. Live roots firmly anchor plants in the ground and retain [...]

Leaves, Poisonous #2

Some animals are actually protected with  the poison found in plants. For example, monarch butterflies [...]