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How Long is a Halachic Hour

A standard hour (SH) that we normally use is 60 minutes long. A halachic hour [...]

Shofer Blasts

On Rosh Hashana the shofar is blown with three different sounds; Tekiah, Shevarim and Teruah.  [...]

Bulls for Succos

On the first day of Succos 13 bulls were brought with the Korban Musaf.  On [...]

Yaakov meets Eisav

As Yaakov came closer to meet Eisav, he crossed the ford of Yabba with his [...]

If one person’s ox kills another ox

 According to the simple meaning of the verse, if one person’s ox kills another’s then [...]

Calculating Yaakov’s Life

Rashi points out an interesting difficulty in calculating a timeline for the life of Yaakov. [...]

Weight of Spices

Moshe was commanded to make Shemen HaMishcha (oil of anointing). It required one measure of [...]

Tetzaveh: The Chosen

The Talmud tells us that the choshen of the Kohen Gadol had the names of [...]

Bo: Years in Miztrayim

Avraham was told that the Jews would be in exile for 400 years. Our sages [...]

Terumah: “The Menorah”

On each side of the Menorah there is three branches. Each of these branches has [...]