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Yocheved Gave Birth To Moshe

The Jews were in Mitzrayim for a total of 210 years. Yocheved was born as [...]

Meditation Before and After Davening

The Gemara cites a B’raisa that the pious would spend an hour in meditation before [...]

Trumah and Ma’aser to Cohen and Levi

When a farmer harvests his field he is required to give a portion of the [...]

Four Karnos of the Mizbach

The Outer Mizbe’ach was five amos (cubits) wide (see A) and five amos long (see [...]

There were two Mizbe’chos in The Mishkan. The Outer Mizbe’ach is five amos (cubits) long [...]

If one person’s ox kills another ox

 According to the simple meaning of the verse, if one person’s ox kills another’s then [...]

Calculating Yaakov’s Life

Rashi points out an interesting difficulty in calculating a timeline for the life of Yaakov. [...]

Space between Mishkan and Courtyard

The width of the Courtyard of the Mishkan  is 50 amos [see “A”] (Shemos 27:12). [...]

The Outer Mizbeach

The Outer Mizbe’ach was 5 amos by 5 amos. [see “D”] (Shemos 27:1). In the [...]

Space for the Mishkan

The width of the Courtyard of the Mishkan is 50 amos [see “A”](Shemos 27:12). The [...]