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Measurements of the Egal Hazahav

Rashi tells us that the עֵגֶּל הַזָהָב  (golden calf) was made of 125 kanterin of [...]

Bo: Years in Miztrayim

Avraham was told that the Jews would be in exile for 400 years. Our sages [...]

Misphatim: Stolen Animals

If a person steals a sheep or an ox and is caught, the court will [...]

Mishnah Challah / Parshas Shlakh: Taking Challah

Our sages teach us that if a person uses 1/10th of an ephah of flour [...]

Bo: Eating the Afikoman

The plague of the Makas Bechoros took place at midnight [Shemos 12:29]. This is why [...]

Miketz: Paroah’s Taxes 2

  Yosef proposed to Paraoh that he should raise the taxes on grain from 1/10th [...]

Vayigash: Shevatim’s Clothing

Yaakov had 12 sons including Yosef. When Yosef sent his brothers back to their father [...]

Vayetzeh: Yaakov’s Daughters

Yaakov had 12 sons and one daughter. According to one opinion each of his children [...]

Lech Lecha: Yitzchak and Yaakov

Yishmael was 14 years old when Yitzchak  was born [Bereishis  17:25, 18:10]. Yaakov  was born [...]

Toldos: Yaakov and Esav and Avraham

Avraham lived to be 175 years old [Bereishis 25:7]. Yitzchak was born to Avraham when [...]