Plan to Product

Plan to Product is a fully integrated Judaic and general preschool curriculum designed to give you ideas for preschool lesson plans and activities
For each theme there are a variety of activities to cater to all different types of learners and to provide children with a variety of experiences
Before every activity there is an aim – what specific knowledge the children should gain from doing this activity
This helps focus on the purpose for doing the activity
Additionally, before every activity there is a list of materials / ingredients required for the activity as well as any advance teacher preparation needed
This helps figure out how much time is required for preparing the activity and which specific materials need to be gathered or bought
Following each activity there is a list of subsequent teacher actions necessary in order to complete the activity

A teachers’ guide in 3 units, geared to a child’s world. The first thing a child sees is himself and his immediate surroundings.
Unit 1 – All About Me, focuses on the child, his family, home, friends, body, senses and feelings.
Unit 2 – Around Town, focuses on different stores/offices in town and  specific themes that go along with them.For example, the grocery theme, focusing on food… the doctor’s office, focusing on health.
Unit 3 – Our Wonderful World, goes beyond a child’s immediate surroundings and focuses on the world at large. This unit develops the concept of  רבו מעשיך ד’ מה and explores related science themes corresponding to the 6 days of בראשית . This unit is hands‐on, full of experiments and experiences that bring a child to the appreciation of the little miracles found in the wonderful world that Hashem created.

By: Batya R. Wolwovsky


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