Faith and Fate Educator’s Guide

The series and it’s multi-media educational materials, is based on Berel Wein’s book “Faith and Fate – The Story of the Jews in the 20th Century” and six years of extensive research with leading historians and educators.

Four episodes of the 13 part series, and their companion Educational Materials have been produced to date.

Presently, in pre-production are the three episodes covering the rise of Nazism, World War II and the Holocaust entitled, Distortions & Illusions 1921 – 1930; Ominous Skies 1931 – 1938; The Darkest Days 1939 – 1945. The remaining six episodes are awaiting funding.

Faith and Fate delves into “the stories behind the stories” to give the viewer a comprehensive overview of not only what happened in each decade of the century – but why things happened.

Faith and Fate’s special focus is on how the events of history impacted on the lives of Jews, living in different countries, all over the world – and the impact the Jewish people had on the century.

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