A Panoramic View of 6,000 Years

Walk through a panoramic view of 6,000 years with this amazing manual! This book breaks down Jewish history into 44 key events, and 5 Great Turning Points, helping the child see the big picture and “context” of their place in history. This panoramic view of 6,000 years helps the child “experience” Emunah by learning how topography and archaeology through the lens of Torah events, as well as the amazing fulfillment of Prophecy in the Torah over the course of Jewish history! Best when used together with the Timeline cards.

This is the comprehensive curriculum for teaching the Timeline. This program includes Timeline picture cards and 7 teacher training DVDs.

Available at https://www.breakthroughchinuch.com/timeline

  • Topography
  • Archaeology
  • Five Great Turning Periods of History
  • Teacher Training DVD
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