Miraculous Journey

For over 5,000 years the Jewish people have survived and flourished-against all odds

Miraculous Journey is more than a mere chronology of historical facts. It tells the miraculous story and history of an eternal nation. Miraculous Journey is the story of the Jewish people over the last five millennia-from the beginning of creation to modern times. This comprehensive and easy-to-read Jewish history book is arranged chronologically and systematically and includes a helpful index.

In Miraculous Journey, the historical landscape of the Jewish people comes alive. Both adults and young readers learn how world events unfold within the context of the spiritual and physical destiny of the Jewish people-making those events meaningful and relevant. Miraculous Journey takes us through the spiritual odyssey and inexplicable survival of the Jewish people through exiles, persecutions, assimilation, and renewal, and shows us how the spirit and destiny of the Jewish people can never be denied.

This story is our story-ours for generations to come.

Author: Rabbi Yosef Eisen

Published by: Targum Press / Feldheim Publishers